Clean Label Certification

The First Clean Label Certification of Its Kind.


Go Clean Label™ offers a clean label certification seal for retail and food service products and website use. With the strong momentum and confusion around the clean label movement, Go Clean Label™ has established itself as the voice of “clean label”.

We’ve earned our position as a clean label authority by founding the very first clean label ingredient information nexus (with our intuitive search bar and expert-driven blog) and by only providing unbiased, fact-based information. We hold our information on a pedestal and refuse to allow website guests to be spammed with partial truths and brand/product endorsements.


We promise to continue providing “clean label” clarity to consumers and food professionals.


steps to clean label certification

  1. Fill out an inquiry form. Click here to fill out the form.
  2. Sign our license agreement.
  3. We conduct an official product evaluation.
  4. Boom!  Use the Go Clean Label™ icon on your packaging and marketing.

Why should I get the go clean label™ certification?


  • An increased percentage of consumers describe themselves as “health conscious” or “ingredient sensitive”;
  • Peek in consumers paying very close attention to the nutritional content of the foods they buy;
  • Preference for products with fewer ingredients, and try to avoid preservatives and other chemicals in the food they buy.


  • Consumers consider only 30% of the brands they buy to be “must have” brands;
  • 3 out of 4  packaged goods categories have seen a decline in “must have” brand loyalty since 2011;
  • Many consumers are basing purchase decisions on attributes beyond product taste, performance, and price;
  • On average, consumer seek  5.4  front-of-package “claims”;
  • Almost half of U.S. consumers strongly prefer brands and products that align to drivers such as health and wellness, safety, corporate citizenship, and transparency.



What does it cost?

There’s a flat certification fee, then we break it down with tiered costing based on the number of products your company is pursuing, with price breaks.

We also offer a discount for startup companies (because we’ve got your back). Want more info? Click here to fill out an inquiry form.

How long does it take?

On average, 1-3 months depending on the attributes of your product and how quickly you can submit the required documentation for your product evaluation.

When and where can I use the Go Clean Label certification seal?

We will send you the art files for the Go Clean Label seal as soon as your product completes the verification process and you have signed our license agreement — which outlines proper use of our name, brand and seal.

Note: The Go Clean Label seal is registered as a trademark in the United States and can only be used on products sold within this market.

Have additional questions about this clean label certification? Shoot an email to



Sources: Deloitte – Consumer Study of Behaviour in the Food Industry; Mintel.