7 Factors Influencing the Future of Clean Label


Information attribution: a recent Natural Products Insider Article

7 Factors Influencing the Future of Clean Label

QSR magazine announced that 2017 is “The Year of Clean Label”.

Dominant foodservice and retail grocers such as Whole Foods, H-E-B, Kroger, and Panera have established clean label policy guidelines. The demand for food transparency and social media influence on facilitated conversation amongst brands and consumers, is only growing.

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In our recent interview with Kira Karapetian of Label Insight®, she mentioned, “The way people think about food is changing. They care more about what’s in the products they purchase and how they were made than ever before. ‘Clean label’ is a response to this demand for transparency.”

The future clean label will likely be shaped by these seven factors:


1. Motivation

Focus on financial motivation would result in a negative, unsuccessful movement, displaying insincerity and would likely foster distrust amongst consumers and leaders.


2. Disclosure

All information must be unbiased, consumers are aware of positive and negative aspects participating in the clean label trend.


3. Internal and external participation 

Consumers, retailers and all individuals involved within the product-to-shelf process must incorporate their own definitions of a ‘clean label’.


4. Relevance

Consolidating information from all sources will aid in distinguishing between relevant and irrelevant information and insights.


5. Clarity

All information must be straightforward, precise, and defined for both consumers and professionals engaging in the clean label discussion.


6. Credibility

Assuring that all information is unbiased to earn integrity and maintain credibility.


7. Accuracy 

Information has been confirmed by experts and will establish trust between trend researchers, professionals, and consumers through intensive analysis.


Interest in ingredient, brand, and product transparency is only increasing, and showing no signs of slowing down.


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