Go Clean Label Rebrands

Dear Passionate Foodies, Label Readers & Food Professionals,


Effective 5/1/2018, the clean label information resource you know and love has a fresh coat of paint!

Go Clean Label was first-to-market as a clean label information resource and has been nominated by numerous organizations as an innovative, best-to-market clean label insights hub.


Go Clean Label was founded by Brian Vogt and Theresa Cantafio of Brisan Group. The site was created and launched July 2016, just at the peek of clean label demand, with headquarters in Chicago Fulton Market (the food and tech capital of the midwest). Check out this WGN podcast interview with our founder.


The team at Go Clean Label believed the organization needed a brand update to reflect:

Clear Focus – to concentrate our message to communicate to our potential.  Over the past couple years we have carefully assessed our organization — what it means to consumers, food professionals, and retailers. We believe Go Clean Label can make the biggest impact to the food industry by being the best resource for clear, unbiased clean label information and insights.


Realign – to be true to our mission. We needed to update our brand creative to better reflect our organization culture: a group of contemporary, fun, passionate people.


Fresh Look – to maintain relevance with our growing, evolving audience. The new logo mark visually demonstrates our core values and three pillars of information guidelines:

  1. Technical: Grounded in food science and chemistry;
  2. Holistic: “Real food” romantics and respect for culinary arts;
  3. Transparent: Earning trust as honest translators of consumers POV and food industry POV is essential to our ethos.


New Logo Explained


What This Rebrand Means For Collaborators and Partners?

Consistent – Go Clean Label will maintain consistency with all the resource offerings we’ve always provided! We’re simply more polished.

New Logo Mark – Keep an eye out for our new logo seal on food and drink packaging.

Same Team – All marketing, customer service, and business development will be handled by the same team with the same professionalism and enthusiasm as always!

Additional Info

  • Our team and points-of-contact remain the same
  • Our headquarters address remains the same: 220 N Green St, Chicago, IL 60607
  • Same website: gocleanlabel.com

We hope you like this updated look as much as we do!

A special thanks to all of our partners, collaborators, and stakeholders — consumers, food industry, and major retailers — for your continued support over the years. Without all of you, Go Clean Label would not be where we’re at today. We look forward to continue providing clean label information and insights, with the same passion and honesty as always. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or feedback.

Honest and cheerful regards,

Brian Vogt, Founding Partner – bvogt@gocleanlabel.com

Theresa Cantafio, Founding Partner – tcantafio@gocleanlabel.com

Brian VogtBrian Vogt
Theresa CantafioTheresa Cantafio