The Following Cooking Oil Industry Ingredients may not be clean label

Castor Oil

Castor Oil is a potent additive used as a flavoring, anti-caking additive, and anti-sticking additive. It is a colorless, pale liquid with a mild-to-acrid taste. It can be found as a butter and nut flavoring additive in baked goods, ice… Read More

Cottonseed Oil

Cottonseed oil is a cooking oil that is extracted from the cotton plant.  It can be found in prepackaged snacks such as potato chips, and is used as an alternative to more expensive frying oils. Cottonseed oil is… Read More


Margarine is a butter substitute made from the combination of vegetable oils, water, and milk. Margarine is used as a cheaper alternative to dairy butter products. The FDA states that margarine contains at least 80% fat. It is… Read More

Methyl Silicon

Methyl Silicon is an antifoaming material added to oils to inhibit general foaming and splattering when combined with heat. The chemical formula is C2H6OSi. It can be found in normal spray oils and cooking oils used often in… Read More


Shortening is a fat used in food preparation. Shortening is solid at room temperature ranging from brown to white. It is used to create a flakiness in the production of cakes, baked goods, and other pastries.