The Following Flavor Industry Ingredients may not be clean label

Castor Oil

Castor Oil is a potent additive used as a flavoring, anti-caking additive, and anti-sticking additive. It is a colorless, pale liquid with a mild-to-acrid taste. It can be found as a butter and nut flavoring additive in baked goods, ice… Read More


Castoreum is a non-nutritive flavor extract extracted from the glands of a beaver. It is a creamy, orange substance that has a strong odor. It is used as a vanilla and raspberry flavoring in sweet food products and… Read More

Ethyl Formate

Ethyl Formate is a synthetic preservative formed from ethanol and formic acid. It is used to inhibit mold growth and as a fumigant in prepackaged snacks like nuts and cereals. It is also used as a flavoring additive in… Read More


Ficin is a synthetic flavoring and stabilizer that is soluble in water. It is and off-white powder that is used as a tenderizer in meats and as a coagulate in milk production. It is also used to improve… Read More

Sugar Alcohol

Sugar alcohol is a white, water-soluble substance made from sugars. They create a cooling sensation when consumed. They can be found in mints and hard candy.

Triacetin/Glycerol Triacetate

Triacetin or Glycerol Triacetate is a flavoring additive and solvent used in cosmetic products. It is a colorless, oily liquid used primarily in toothpaste, perfume, and hair dyes.