The Following Oils Industry Ingredients may not be clean label

Fish Protein Isolate

Fish Protein Isolate is a dietary supplement derived from fish protein powder. It contains 90% protein and >10% fat/oil product. It is used as a dietary supplement.


Margarine is a butter substitute made from the combination of vegetable oils, water, and milk. Margarine is used as a cheaper alternative to dairy butter products. The FDA states that margarine contains at least 80% fat. It is… Read More


Oxystearin is a non-nutritive additive used in food and cosmetic products. It can be made from animal fats and vegetable oil, producing a tan, wax-like substance. It is present in the production of cosmetic products like soaps, candles, and… Read More

Propyl Gallate

Propyl Gallate is an antioxidant and preserver used to protect against oxidation and spoiling of food and cosmetic products. The chemical formula is C10H12O5. It is most often used as a preservative in meats, butter, and citrus-flavored beverages. It… Read More