The Following Pretzels Industry Ingredients may not be clean label

Bleached Flour

Bleached flour is flour that has been refined /processed with a whitening agent.  The germ and bran are removed from “refined flour” and is typically referred to as “white flour”. Bleaching is commonly achieved by means of artificially… Read More

Bromated Flour

Bromated flour is used as a “bread improver” and maturing agent. Used in baked goods and allows for higher rising, stronger dough . Added to flour: Calcium Bromate, Potassium Bromate, Sodium Bromate. Note: Categorized as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”… Read More

Ethyl Formate

Ethyl Formate is a synthetic preservative formed from ethanol and formic acid. It is used to inhibit mold growth and as a fumigant in prepackaged snacks like nuts and cereals. It is also used as a flavoring additive in… Read More

Potassium Hydroxide

Potassium Hydroxide is a non-nutritive additive. It is used in the cosmetic production of soft soaps. The chemical formula is KOH. It was deemed by the FDA to be extremely corrosive and harmful when ingested.