Not a clean label ingredient

FD&C Colors

Also known as: FD&C, fd&c, Red 40, Red 2, Red 4, Red 3, Erythrosine, Amaranth,Artificial Colorings, Synthetic Colors, FD&C Lakes, Food Dyes, Food Coloring, Food Colouring, Artificial Colourants, Artificial Colorants, Food Drug and Cosmetic Colors, Food Drug and Cosmetic Color

FD&C Colors (Food, Drug and Cosmetic Colors) are any substance that when added to a food, drug or cosmetic imparts color — whether alone or through reactions with other substances.

Note: The term “lakes” is used when FD&C colors are combined with forms of aluminum or calcium to make them an insoluble pigment (such as FD&C Blue No.2 Aluminum Lake).

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