The Following Bulking AgentS may not be clean label

Acetone Peroxide

Acetone Peroxide is a bleaching agent. It can be found as a white, crystalline powder. Acetone Peroxide is used as a flour bleaching treatment, thickener, and emulsifier. It is commonly used to synthesize bleached flour.

Castor Oil

Castor Oil is a potent additive used as a flavoring, anti-caking additive, and anti-sticking additive. It is a colorless, pale liquid with a mild-to-acrid taste. It can be found as a butter and nut flavoring additive in baked goods, ice… Read More

Maltodextrin (Foodservice Use)

Maltodextrin is a food ingredient made from starch, most often corn. It is used to improve thickness, texture, and taste of food products. It is a white powder. Maltodextrin is most commonly found in snacks, beverages, chocolate, candy, soups, and puddings…. Read More


Polydextrose is a synthetic sweetener used to increase food bulk without increasing calories. It has less calories than sugar and is used as a replacement. It is commonly found in low-sugar and diabetic foods like baked goods, desserts,… Read More