The Following Fat SubstituteS may not be clean label

Caprocaprylobehenin (Caprenin)

Caprocaprylobehenin (Caprenin) is a fat substitute designed for lowering the caloric content of food. Structurally, it resembles normal food fat. It is made up of glycerol and fatty acids.

Fish Protein Isolate

Fish Protein Isolate is a dietary supplement derived from fish protein powder. It contains 90% protein and >10% fat/oil product. It is used as a dietary supplement.

Microparticularized Whey Protein Derived Fat Substitute

Microparticularized Whey Protein is a synthetic fat substitute. Through the addition of heat, particles of this protein are created and produce a white powder with a perceived fluid/fat like consistency. It is used as a fat substitute and emulsifier, mainly… Read More


Salatrim is a synthetic fat substitute used in food products. It is known for its reduced-calorie properties and can be substituted for caloric fats. It is most commonly found in reduced-fat foods.

Sucrose Polyester

Sucrose Polyester is a synthetic fat substitute. It contains no calories and is used as a fat and oil substitute in common foods. It cannot be digested by humans. Sucrose Polyester can be found in prepackaged foods like potato… Read More